Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thing # 23 Summarize Your Thoughts about This Program

This has been a long and sometimes frustrating journey as I am sure you can tell from my blogs. There certainly were times (a lot of them) when I just didn't get it but there were other times like with the Wikis that I will use. I have found that I really don't like to blog and am not that interested in reading other people's blogs. I am more of a visual learner with hands on learning. But I needed to complete this class and I'm sure I will use some of the things I sort of learned.

Thing # 22 Nings

I looked at Teacher Librarian, Texas School Librarian Nings and Ning for Teachers. I think librarians are awesome and I could see where they would use and enjoy these kind of sites.

Thing # 21 Podcasts and Audio Books

I have looked at the information on podcasts and audio books. They really don't interest me at this time...I went on the Audacity website and it said I needed to download some things in order to use it and quite honestly I am not able to download anything else on my computer...it is maxed out. While looking around the site I could see how some people could find it very useful.
Photostory looks like it could be a lot of fun...

Thing # 20 YouTube, TeacherTube and Zamzar

I have watched several videos but was not able to get one embedded in my blog...one was "Children see, children do" form TeacherTube. Many times we wonder why children act a certain way until we see the parents. This was what the video was about. Then on YouTube I looked at Black Lab hunting dogs since the season is almost here. Amazing animals!

Thing # 19 Web 2.0 Awards List

I can see why these sights made the awards list. I looked under questions and advice (Minti) and if you are a new parent this would be awesome to have access to.
Under Health I found Revolution Health easier to use than Web MD...which is information I could use in my job.

Thing #18 Online Productivity Tools

I could not get Open Office to download and install, having problems with my computer. I was able to go in and look at Google Docs and see how it would be useful if you were working on a document and perhaps needed information from other people. They would be able to input on the same document from where they were.

Thing # 17 Rollyo

I watched Bruce Goodner's video but I was not able to follow very well...he went kinda fast..like he was talking to someone that knew what he was talking about...I did sign up on Rollyo and did create my own searchroll.